Instructions for authors

Editorial Content

Editorial content consists of Editorials provided by the Editorial Team, as well as reviews of other papers and equipment from other people.

Examples of appropriate content:

  • Reviews of new equipment available
  • Reviews of papers in other journals
  • Summaries of information from blogs


Communications are short articles that cover any aspect of rearing invertebrates in captivity. They are intended to provide a method of publication for smaller amounts of information than Articles. 

Examples of appropriate content:

  • New foodplant records for stick insects
  • Revisions to methods for rearing a species


Articles take the form of scientific papers and can be about anything related to the captive rearing of invertebrates. Submissions are encouraged from both amateurs and professionals. Where appropriate and possible articles will be subject to peer-review, this process will be aided if you list suggested reviewers in the submission process.

Examples of appropriate content:

  • Complete accounts of rearing a species
  • Complete methods for rearing a species


If you have something to contribute but are unsure of what kind of submission it should be you can always choose 'I don't know' from the submission form and we will help you decide.

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